Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Classic Mix Crackers


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You can anticipate genuine goodness from Goldfish. Made with genuine cheddar, Goldfish wafers are constantly heated and never singed.

Goldfish utilizes hues sourced from plants to fulfill every little saltine vivid.

Goldfish invests heavily in every single yummy piece, so we try to utilize fixings you can like.

Butterfly Party Favors


Your preferred Goldfish wafers

Nibble estimated zip-shut plastic stockpiling packs

Wooden clothespins



Self-glue jewels, stickers and googly eyes

Chenille stems


Fill your plastic stockpiling sacks with your decision of Goldfish wafers.

Paint each wooden clothespin.

When the paint is dry, include googly eyes, diamonds and stickers – ensure your googly eyes are on the shut side of the clothespin.

Twist every chenille stem into a radio wire shape.

Clasp the clothespin into the focal point of your plastic stockpiling pack and include the chenille stem radio wire.

Discharge your grin commendable butterflies!

Taco Seasoned Snack Mix


1 bundle (6 ounces) Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Xtra​ Cheddar + Pretzel Mix

3 cups salted popcorn

2 cups broiler toasted corn grain or stove toasted rice oat

2 tablespoons taco flavoring blend

3 tablespoons margarine, liquefied

1/2 teaspoon ground lime pizzazz


Warmth the broiler to 300°F.

While the broiler is warming, mix the pretzel blend, popcorn, grain and taco flavoring in a bowl. Add the margarine and hurl to cover. Spread the blend on a rimmed preparing sheet.

Heat for 15 minutes or until fresh, mixing once partially through the preparing time. Mix in the lime get-up-and-go. Let the blend cool on the heating sheet for 5 minutes.

Nutty spread and Celery Logs


1/4 cup rich nutty spread or crunchy peanut spread or almond margarine

2 stems celery, cut down the middle transversely

12 Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish Snack Crackers


Spread around 1 tablespoon nutty spread down the focal point of every celery piece. Mastermind the saltines on the nutty spread.

Everybody adores Goldfish saltines – they’re scrumptious and fun! The assortment packs are incredible for in a hurry eating with singular serving sizes. With regards to Goldfish wafers, you can like serving your preferred bites. The entirety of our cheddar saltine assortments, similar to cheddar, are heated with genuine cheddar, and Goldfish wafers are constantly prepared, liberated from counterfeit additives or flavors and a decent wellspring of fun. The Goldfish Variety Pack is likewise accessible in Bold Mix with a blend of Goldfish Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar, Goldfish Flavor Blasted Xplosive Pizza and Goldfish Grahams Vanilla Cupcake pack


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