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The Original Craft Coffee

Alfred Peet started the American espresso upset more than 50 years prior in Berkeley, CA. We’ve stayed consistent with his persistent pledge to quality, permitting us to guarantee you the most extravagant, most delightful cup.

Capable Sourced

Our espresso group works energetically to guarantee just the best beans become Peet’s Coffee. Since 1966 we’ve been developing trusted, long haul associations with cultivators in head espresso developing areas around the globe.

The Peet’s Roast – Uniquely Rich

We have 9 roasters, with a normal residency of more than 13 years. They are genuine craftsmans, cooking every espresso separately, in little clusters, by hand… not a PC. The final product is a rich, striking meal that is extraordinarily Peet’s.

Fixated on Freshness

Who said fixation was a terrible thing? New beans make an incredible cup of Peet’s, so we fixate on it. We dish to arrange every night and boat it the following day. Our dish date is on each pack and we ensure you have the freshest espresso conceivable.

Specifically Sourced

Just the best beans from the world’s top espresso developing areas around the globe – sourced carefully from high rises with rich, volcanic soil – are sufficient to make it into a cup of Peet’s.

Alma de la Tierra: Fresh and Full Finished

Alma de la Tierra is Spanish for “Soul of the Earth,” and this espresso gets its “spirit” from the prolific, high-rise areas where it develops. The beans for Alma de la Tierra is sourced from the best natural homesteads in Guatemala and Colombia utilizing painstakingly sharpened development methods – bringing about probably the best espresso beans on the planet. Similarly as with every one of Peet’s espressos, beans in Alma de la Tierra K-Cups are tasted multiple times before hand simmering to guarantee a full-bodied completion.

A medium-bodied dull meal with both products of the soil notes. Sweet citrus and traces of smooth, mixed chocolate mix to make a rich taste.

Advantageous K-Cups offer a simple method to make a brisk single-serving of this tasty blend

Start with newly simmered, newly ground beans.

Measure 2 tablespoons (10 grams) for every 6 ounces of water.

Utilize new, cool, sifted water for fermenting.

Make the most of your espresso inside 30 minutes for the best taste.

Store unused espresso in a murky, impermeable holder.

Exceptional ORGANICS: To be considered by Peet’s, a natural espresso must not just pass USDA natural accreditation; it must satisfy our own demanding guidelines for quality and taste. Our profound promise to the cup consistently implies espressos excellent flavor, including the best natural espresso you can mix.

Natural ALMA DE LA TIERRA: Alma de la Tierra is Spanish for Soul of the Earth, and the “spirit” of this espresso is found in the high-elevation areas of Latin America, where we work with the best natural ranches from Guatemala to Colombia. Sweet citrus, smooth, chocolate notes

Espressos ALL TASTES: Single serve doesn’t mean single taste. Regardless of whether you appreciate beginning every morning with Peet’s dull meal House Blend, our light meal Café Domingo, or you favor an assortment, you can keep your morning schedule without preparing an entire pot

SAME CARE, SAME COFFEE: The espresso in Peet’s K-Cups for your Keurig Brewing System is a similar quality espresso, simmered with a similar consideration, as our stowed espresso. Appreciate the comfort of a solitary cup of new espresso with the taste and nature of Peet’s

LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK ROAST: Peet’s K-Cup single serve espresso cases mix a cup of espresso in a portion of our most famous mixes. Light meal espressos mellow and smooth, medium dish espressos smooth and sweet-smelling, while dim meal espressos smoky and full bodied

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