Men’s Undershirt


You need a dry dress shirt so you look and feel your best yet there’s only one issue, you sweat. You have wet fixes under your arms in light of the fact that your antiperspirant simply doesn’t work. Also the yellow stains that have crushed shirt after shirt. You’ve stood by sufficiently long to feel dry and sure.

Wet fixes under your arm and yellow stains on your shirts are a relic of times gone by. You’ve stood by sufficiently long to feel dry and sure.

Each Ejis Undershirt has been built from the beginning explicitly for the solid man who needs an unfailing, prudent answer for sweat imprints and terrible scent. Join the a huge number of men who are presently ready to wear what they need as a result of their Ejis undershirts.

Various layers cooperate to prevent sweat from arriving at your shirt.

Sweat streams straight through standard undershirts and that leaves humiliating perspiration checks on your shirts, demolishing them after some time.

Ejis sweat confirmation undershirts work contrastingly to totally square perspiration from ever arriving at your garments.

The mystery is the ultra slender and quiet waterproof layer at the center of undershirt. It prevents sweat from moving to your shirt so you remain putting your best self forward and feeling certain.

Antiperspirants alone can’t measure up to the unfailing perspiration halting intensity of the Ejis sweat evidence framework.

It is additionally solid enough to be washed again and again.

Genuine Silver Is Permanently Fused To The Fibers To Fight Odor

Genuine silver is for all time bound to the filaments of each pair of clothing to keep you smelling fresher longer. It’s the microbes found in soggy places on the body that cause awful scent.

Silver particles work by puncturing openings in bacterial layers and obliterating them once inside.

Halting microscopic organisms stops scent.

Silver additionally assists with managing your internal heat level by pulling heat away from the body when you’re hot and keeping you hotter when you’re cold.

Ejis sweat evidence undershirts are the main of its sort to saddle the intensity of genuine silver and set it to work for you.

Huge ONE PIECE WATERPROOF PAD thoroughly stops shirt sweat marks.

No underarm crease slicing through the waterproof layer implies no danger of spilling.

With more than 120 sq crawls of inclusion in each shirt consider it your never bomb reinforcement to antiperspirant.

Remains TUCKED IN with included length and stretch. The thin fit structure keeps the defensive region cozily facing your armpit.

Excessively PREMIUM MICRO MODAL FABRIC is 2x milder and half more water-retentive than cotton. With 5% Spandex to include stretch, it will potentially be the most agreeable men’s undershirt you’ve at any point worn.

WHAT THIS UNDERSHIRT WON’T DO is cause your perspiration to vanish, tragically, it leaves something to be desired. It might feel sodden under your arms however it won’t appear on your shirt.

Ejis was established on the conviction that we could cause you to feel progressively certain by making top notch items that take care of your most humiliating issues.

Which is the reason we’re focused on our crucial helping you release your certainty so you can appreciate life and accomplish more.

That is the reason we don’t simply make dress, we make Wearable Confidence.


KEEP YOUR DRESS SHIRT BONE DRY: Ejis undershirts for men are to stop armpit sweat marks. Expand the life of your dress shirts by dispensing with yellow stains brought about by antiperspirants.

STOPS SHIRT SWEAT MARKS better than sweat cushions or alone with a huge one piece layer under every armpit. The Ejis undershirt doesn’t have underarm creases slicing through the layer, which implies no danger of spilling. With overin every undershirt you can consider it your never bomb reinforcement to

SMELL FRESHER FOR LONGER with that battle scent. MACHINE WASHABLE AND DRYER SAFE the Ejis undershirts dry rapidly and won’t shrivel.

FEEL CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE with texture in each sweat cushion which ishan normal cotton.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – You can confide in us to stop your perspiration marks. Attempt the Ejis sweat evidence undershirt for 30 days and if in any way, shape or form you don’t feel progressively dry and certain essentially send it back for a full discount. We remain behind our item decisively and with our assurance there is positively no hazard to you.


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