Lupos Burn S3 SRC ESD



The shoe antinfortunistica Lupos®, from the line present day and crisp with electrostatic security and antiperforante, is intended to guarantee a delayed prosperity of the foot. High, Light, delicate and intense, with a turning wonder dark calfskin upper, side additions and Boa® Closure, reasonable for all situations where it is important to the utilization of gloves. The topper in ultra light aluminum with CAPLIGHT innovation guarantees half of the weight in less and is against attractive and consumption safe and copripuntale PU hostile to oil and water-repellent. The grasp bottom with the imaginative blend PU (LGS) “Light Grip System gives most extreme opportunity of development of the foot and outright softness, while the multi functional impact point offers more noteworthy footing on stairs. This footwear for work, flawless in both summer and winter, Meets Safety Standards S3 SRC ESD is reasonable in most in danger circumstances, for example, wet rooms, building destinations, outside, transport and coordination.

Sole non-slip etpu LGS

With a revolution

Multi-functional heel

Breathable 3d wind spread framework

Aluminum toe caplight.

Additional information

Dimensions 13.4 × 9.7 × 5.3 cm


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