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We sustain minimal ones from the very first moment

We’re submitted or natural

As a mother established and parent worked organization, there’s nothing more imperative to us than what we feed our youngsters. That is the reason our nourishment has none of the fake hormones, poisonous tenacious pesticides, or GMOs permitted in traditional cultivating – simply sound fixings from natural homesteads.

We have confidence in edified nourishment

We pick fixings that bode well for your little one’s age and satisfy.

We band together with pediatricians, dietitians, and kids’ wellbeing specialists we trust – you your family can confide in our natural nourishment.

We incorporate key enhancements and superfoods, so your little one benefits from each nibble.

Glad Baby

From the very beginning, we give natural and flavorful alternatives to your infant’s nourishing excursion.

Glad Tot

Got an exacting eater? You’re not the only one. We’re here with trusted, natural snacks and suppers for your little one’s sprouting sense of taste.

Glad Kid

Yummy suppers and bites made with natural fixings (and no additional sugar!) for kids in a hurry go-go.

Glad Mama

We get it – we’re mothers, as well. That is the reason it’s so imperative to us that each mother has precisely what she requirements for her novel baby taking care of excursion.

Our mango puree is about the unadulterated kind of a solitary natural fixing developed delightfully. Kept straightforward, our formula is made with succulent Magdalena mangos that mature normally in their local atmosphere along the rich banks of the Magdalena waterway in Barranquilla, Colombia by Compañía Envasadora del Atlántico. Simply yummy mangos for the inquisitive Stage 1 eater.

Plainly CRAFTED: When it comes to thinking about your child, straightforwardness is everything. That is the reason we bring you Clearly Crafted. Our reasonable bundling lets you see the natural fixings in every formula, in the entirety of its energetic shading. It’s decency you can see.

STAGE ONE EATERS: Happy Baby’s line of Stage 1 child nourishments are intended for your infant’s touchy sense of taste. Produced using natural organic products and vegetables, these infant nourishment pockets are an incredible method to acquaint your infant with strong food sources and new, natural fixings.

Cheerful BABY: At Happy Baby Organics, we give natural and heavenly choices to your child’s nourishing excursion. We create premium natural plans superbly coordinated with your youngster’s age and stage. This is edified sustenance for each family.

Carefully MADE: We create premium natural plans consummately coordinated with your youngster’s age and stage. Investigate our snacks and suppers for developing children, little children and children, from infant nourishment pockets to freeze-dried yogurt treats, natural oats and baby snacks.

Upbeat TUMMIES: Try Happy Baby’s full line of infant nourishment pockets, probiotic grains, entire milk yogurt, getting teeth wafers and infant snacks on the off chance that you’ve delighted in infant nourishment from Sprout, Plum Organics, Annies, Gerber, Beachnut, or Peter Rabbit Organics.


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