How To Free Up Space On your Computer After Installing A New Windows

 How To Free Up Space On your Computer After Installing A New Windows
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If you have just uninstall an update, you can check this by right clicking on the start button and going to system.

On a normal occasion when you first update your windows, automatically a old windows folder will be created on your computer drive, and when you check your C drive a new folder named windows.old will be there.

This new folder created automatically get deleted after some period of time but at times it sit in your C drive eating up your space that is why is advisable for you to delete it manually.

Why would this folder appear in the first place and this is a simple question, the old windows folder serves as a back up.

The reason is, if your new windows update has a problem you can easily return to your old roll out windows swiftly.

Now, all you need to do is go to system by right click on the start button and then click on the storage button, you gonna see an area named storage sense which will allow you to manually clean up junk files from your computer.

When you go to the configuration setting page in the storage panel, there will be option that will allow you to configure the storage sense on your system

If you have not use storage sense for a while or is your first time using it. There will be an option that will allow you to “free up space now”. All you need to do is to tick some of the options and then click on clean up space now.

Alternatively, without using the first methods there is old method of cleaning up the windows.old folder. This method has been used for so many years and is still active and can still be use in our present time.

To make it quick in the address bar type ” disk clean-up” and one time run the clean-up tool and this will allow you delect the previous install version window. I will would highly recommend ‘storage sense’ since is very easy to use compared to ‘disk clean up’

When you use any of the two method listed, once you visit your C drive, you are going to notice that the windows.old folder is no there.

You can also set storage sense to run automatically to remove temporary file from your computer or you can set it to remove the data in your downloads folder.

Immediately after have set up storage sense, it will automatically delect the files that eat up space on your computer per the schedule you have set it. Let Assume you have set up a ‘storage sense to clean up space everyday at a specific time, all temporary data that has been stored on your computer will be remove by storage sense.

In my own suggestion I would recommend that this automatic clean up should at least be set to run once a week, purpose of this is to allow you to enough time to retrieve important files later.

For example, like people who are using low SSDs in their computers the above method is essential for you and I strongly recommend the use of storage sense.

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